I'm Micka Touillaud

Industrial designer specialized in interaction / interface design, global user experience & agile development methods.

I have worked in San Francisco and Paris as Lead Designer for a French IoT startup. My work has impacted thousands of US households and has been featured in NY MoMA, rewarded multiple times (Best of CES 2017, IF Design award and Red Dot design award).

Helped for world-class startups like Actiondesk (YC 2019), Frichti ($48.2 funding), Kactus ($6.5M funding) as well as new amazing projects currently in development. Other clients include LVMH, Issey Miyake, Dior. I often release side projects and famous app redesigns. Also mentoring young startups for the world-biggest tech accelerator Techstars alongside helping NGOs like Plastic Odyssey or Bayes Impact (YC 2014).

My projects aim to provoke emotions and positive change through minimalism and thoughtful details. Challenging the status quo, I attempt to achieve the ideal flow for every experience I design. Constantly aspiring for our preferable future with a deep behavioural, technical and business understanding.


Other than that

I love surfing, vinyls & electronic music SoundCloud hereprospective, and to work on side projects. The last one I’ve been working on is DesignSciFia collection of designs from the best science-fiction movies.

Also helping NGOs, convinced that a world where human, technology and ecology needs to be build.